Hairdressing Supplies for a Home Salon

If you want to run a hairdressing salon from home, of course the first step in starting your business will be to check with your local municipality about licensing needed, and any zoning restrictions. Once you know you're legally allowed to start the business, note some hairdressing supplies to consider for your initial inventory order, so you know you have everything needed when you're ready to open your doors.


Of course you'll have a large mirror in front of any chairs you'll be using for your hair cutting and hairdressing services, but you'll also need handheld mirrors for clients to see the back of their hair as well. Be sure to stock up on a few of these in case any get broken, and opt for the largest sizes available, so clients can easily see all areas of their new haircut.

Sanitation station

Clients may actually prefer to see combs and scissors being sanitized, so consider a sanitation station. This can be a nice tray where you keep a jar of sanitizer in which you soak your supplies, and some fresh towels. Create a space in the salon area of your home to keep this in full view of the clients, so they're assured of the cleanliness of the business and your equipment.


Not all of your clients will be the same height, so a thick cushion for the shorter clients can ensure their comfort when they're getting their hair shampooed. This will also ensure your stylists can reach their hair, as salon chairs only pump up to a certain height. Cushions can also be used for clients with very long hair that is difficult to access by the stylist.

Roller stools

While a cushion can help boost a client with very long hair, as said, you may still have some clients whose hair you cannot reach easily while standing. Roller stools, or tall stools on casters, can help you and any stylists you hire to reach the ends of that long hair, without bending over. These can also give your stylists a break throughout the day, as a stool allows them to get off their feet while not interrupting their work.

Refreshment centre

Even if your clients are friends, they may still appreciate a bit of professional courtesy, including being offered a cup of coffee or some bottled water during their visit! A refreshment centre doesn't need to be fancy, but a separate trolley or table with a coffeepot, a small refrigerator with water, and other such details can keep your customers happy and help ensure their repeated business.