4 Tips for Taking Care of Your Damaged Hair

Damaged hair can be restored by implementing a few tips and ideas. Below are several measures that you can use to restore the glow and shine of your damaged hair.

Go Slow On Shampoo

Shampooing your damaged hair on a daily basis may be detrimental to it. This is because shampoo can remove all the natural oil that is found in your hair. Consequently, your scalp will dry out and your hair will become more susceptible to further damage. It is therefore advisable for you to change the frequency of using shampoo if your hair is damaged. This is particularly helpful for people whose hair isn't excessively oily. Use shampoo about thrice each week instead of once each day. That reduced use of shampoo will allow the hair to regain its oils and become less brittle.

Cut the Ends

People who have long hair often struggle to maintain the ends of that hair. The difficulty comes from the fact that the hair ends are dead and become scraggly. Trim off those dead ends periodically, such as once every two months. Avoid cutting those ends using a blunt pair of scissors since you may end up causing more damage to the ends. It is better to get help from another person, such as a hair stylist, during the process of trimming your hair.

Avoid Excessive Heat

Sometimes it may be unavoidable to use heat when you are straightening your hair. Hair straighteners and blow dryers can eventually cause your hair to become frizzy or develop split ends. It is helpful for you to opt for hair straighteners whose plates are made from ceramic so that the cuticle of your hair is shielded from the excessive heat. Glossing serums and smoothing creams can also reduce the duration of heat exposure since those products will help to straighten the hair before it is exposed to any heat.

Select Moisturisers Carefully

Some hair moisturisers contain petroleum or mineral oils. Such moisturisers prevent the product from penetrating to the roots of your hair. Consequently, your hair may still dry out even if you use a moisturiser regularly. Opt for moisturisers with natural oils, such as olive oil and shea butter. Such natural oils will help your damaged hair to regrow.

Work with a professional at a beauty salon so that the best solutions can be recommended for the specific reasons behind the damage in your hair. This will save you from wasting time and money on futile DIY solutions.